My brother and I are qualified to teach the game of baseball to all age kids. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Acedemy of Sports and Medicine (NASM). We both offer guidence and instruction in both of these areas that will increase your knowledge and motivate you to improve and be consistant.
                                                                           Baseball Lessons:

I will break down the swing STEP by STEP.  I will ELIMINATE lunging, drifting, and front foot hitting.  I will teach the PROPER use of hips and lower body.  I will MINIMIZE head movement.  I will teach STRONG balance from the stance through the follow-through. I will teach the CORRECT way to keep the hands inside the ball.  I will teach a SHORT stride to the ball or NO stride and still get power.  I will teach how to get the MOST bat speed and power.  I will teach how to hit to ALL fields with POWER.  I will teach how to be consistent.  I teach how to hit, field, catch, and throw with the proper mechanics using a variety of hitting, fielding, and throwing drills.                                                                                  Personal Training:

I offer a way to work out that uses a variety of workouts that will constantly be changed and can be done in the home. I will set you up with a cardio plan, strength building plan, and a nutrition plan designed specifically for your needs.

Key to burning fat and losing weight = Building muscle by constant change and confusing the muscle. How? (70% nutrition 15% strength training 15% cardio and 100% determination and consistent routine)= Results

Be sure to check out my nutrition page about Limu.

I can assure you I can give you the best workout you've ever had if that's what you want. I know hundreds of exercises to do without using big heavy equipment that will make you plenty sore, and you will get to where you want to be. It's important to build up stabilizer muscles first if you haven't worked out in a while, so lifting anything heavy is out of the question.  I believe that gyms and facilities are over rated to achieve your fitness goals. With my help, you can become in the best shape of your life right in your home or outdoors. You will save money on a membership and on the overpriced personal trainers at gyms. All it takes is guidance, motivation, determination, and consistency.  I’ll provide 2 of those and you provide me with the other 2. Is that fair? I’ll guide you and motivate you, and in return you have to be determined and consistent.  If you hold up to your end of the deal then you will see real results in 3 to 4 months guaranteed.  In this world today most people want instant results, but we know that's impossible without plastic surgery.  In reality, to see healthy results it takes a little time. So you have to remain patient in order for me to guide you and motivate you to stay determined and consistent.  My brother and I are deticated to helping you achieve your goals. Thank you for your interest.

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